No Escape b {color:#6b6b6b;} i {color:#6b6b6b;} u {color:#800d0d;}
5.12.08 10:51

Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me !!

I  perish  ...   knowing  it  has  to  be  over.
30.11.08 02:43


Whats love? I guess its essential for most of the people in the world. But how many are there ... like 60 000 000 000? Is there only one right one for each of us? If so then how do you realize him or her?

And if you once thought you did and then you arent sure anymore? Thats just the case. 

And then it turns out love isnt all that beautiful but rather destructive. Its destroys who you are and you start losing your identidy. 

Love kills slowly ... but still you dont wanna stop it because its like a drug, destructive but beautiful.

27.9.08 01:03

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